SFD Industries Drift Trike

So I have been watching SFD Industries building their Drift Trike since they started back in 2014. I love the story of the owner and why he started the company. But when I watched their promo video I was SOLD! Now again I love anything with wheels, but add a motor and things really get interesting!! So I have been … Read More

1965 Ford Falcon Pro Street

This is a Street Legal Hot Rod, Drag Car, Show Car that has just been built by a hot rod builder in California to showcase their work. Over $20,000 has been spent on this build It is hard to put a price on cars like this because with all the custom work and man hours it is easily worth $35-40k … Read More

Audi R8 5.2 V10

This was my first true exotic purchase early 2017. I have wanted a Lamborghini Gallardo for many years mainly because I love the V10 power plant. I purchased a Dodge Viper a couple years ago but quickly realized it didn’t offer the same driving experience I was looking for in the mid engine cars. So when I found this Audi … Read More