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There are trucks and then there are TRUCKS! This is definitely the later. A very rare single cab 2008 Toyota Tundra TRD SUPERCHARGED that was built for SEMA show and then owned by a TV celebrity Rutledge Wood and then purchased by a NASCAR racer Joey Logano in its very short lifespan of only 4700 miles.


Besides all the unique things going for it such as; built for SEMA, being a single cab, supercharged, and owned by a couple celebrities what made this truck stand out to me was the sexy green color it is wrapped in which I need to know the name of it because I will wrap something in that color someday soon!!

Also as a side bonus for playing you get a matching “SFD Industries” Drift Trike which is something I have been following for awhile and recently bought one of the “Stupid Fast” models they advertise on their website.

Now lets talk price! This 1 of 1 Tundra is being offered by Streetside Classics out of North Carolina and they are asking $49,995 or Make an Offer. Now this vehicle has alot of unique qualities that helps to value it over and above another Tundra.

It is a SEMA Show build and winner, Single Cab, Supercharged, Wide fenders, 20 inch Fuel Wheels and General Grabber tires. It was owned by 2 celebrities, and has a kick a$$ wrap. Is that make it worth the $49,995? Well when looking at unique vehicles like this one or all of those could be a deciding factor in paying a premium for this truck here is just a few scenarios.

  1. A collector of trucks
  2. A collector of SEMA built vehicles
  3. A collector of celebrity owned vehicles
  4. A collector of vehicles owned specifically by one celebrity or another
  5. A collector or big fan of NASCAR
  6. A collector or big fan of Toyota
  7. Or someone like me who has money and wants to drive something that no one else has. Whether it is a daily driver or not this truck will get the looks over a Ferrari any day of the week.

So buy it now for $49,995 if you are concered about losing your chance or shoot Streetside an offer and see where the negotiation leads you. My recommendation is to not be afraid of offering much lower than the asking price I personally would start at $38,950 and see where we went from there.

Keep in mind if you are not a cash buyer and looking to finance this unique automobile you will need to understand your local bank will value this truck based on NADA and not on all the cool customizations.

Which means you will have to come up with a large cash deposit or find a financing company that specializes in exotics and collectible vehicles. I have used a company called Woodside Credit and if you have a good credit score 700+ you can finance up to 12 years on some collector and exotic vehicles.


Well I am excited for whoever wins this beauty! If you are looking for something interesting/unique/exotic or one of a kind I would love to help! Shoot me an email or text and let’s get started.



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