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1970 Monte Carlo Fast N Furious Movie Car

This is a one of a kind 1970 Monte Carlo built and used in making the Fast n Furious movie “Tokyo Drift”

BID NOW ON EBAY 1970 Monte Carlo

If you watched the movie which any car nut has at least a dozen times you will remember the scene where Lucas Black (Sean Boswell) is leaving school to get in his car when Nikki Griffin (Cindy) compliments him on his car and her football jock boyfriend Zachery Ty Bryan (Clay) gets jealous and comes over to pick a fight. This is where the famous line from Sean in his country accent “She was just admiring my ride”. LOL!

He proceeds to drive off and Clay throws a baseball breaking the window and Sean gets out with a massive wrench.

Anyways they go race the Monte Carlo against a red Dodge Viper convertible and both end up crashing in the end.

Obviously this is not the kind of car you would like to drive around on a day to day basis but if you are a car collector, a movie memorabilia collector, curate a car museum, or perhaps want to use this car for a promotional vehicle on your business you can get this vehicle at an amazing price!

If I owned a car parts business like wheels, tires, performance parts I would buy this car and use it as a raffle giveaway.

BID NOW ON EBAY 1970 Monte Carl

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