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Audi R8 5.2 V10

This was my first true exotic purchase early 2017. I have wanted a Lamborghini Gallardo for many years mainly because I love the V10 power plant. I purchased a Dodge Viper a couple years ago but quickly realized it didn’t offer the same driving experience I was looking for in the mid engine cars.

So when I found this Audi R8 literally hiding in a Nissan dealers used car lot I had to go make them offer. I ended up getting this guy for basically wholesale and then added the Avery Dennison Color Flow Wrap in the Rising Sun Color.

This car truly outperformed all my expectations! I am a big fan of it but with any exotic be prepared to spend the money on maintenance. If you do not have a prepaid maintenance plan get one!! I think replacing my battery was $800 and doing new front brakes were $3000 so you don’t buy a car like this because you are trying to save money. LOL!!

In short I love the design of Lamborghini, but the performance of the R8 was in opinion better and the drivability was night and day different. This car can be daily driven with comfort and style. Many times I forget I am driving it and wondering why everyone is taking pictures, staring, and pointing.

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